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Mission Accomplished

Last April a robber broke into my daughter's home while she and my seven year old granddaughter were in the house. After taking the 40 inch HD TV out to his car, he down the hall, opened the door to the master bedroom, and found himself face to face with my granddaughter who was screaming in terror, whereupon he ran out of the house and drove off before the police arrived.

During the next two weeks it became clear that my granddaughter was too traumatized to sleep alone in her bedroom. So my daughter and I decided that we needed to install an alarm system or window bars. A talk with my granddaughter made it clear that she didn't understand how a bell could keep anyone from entering the house and that she wanted bars on her bedroom window. So we obtained bids for basic wrought iron window bars from three ironworks companies. One of these three companies, Barnett Aldon Ironworks differed from the other two companies in that they offered a large variety of bar assembly designs which were pretty, even artistic. After reviewing the many choices we picked a design that had a rectangular outer edge and a simple lattice of interior bars that were butt welded together, which means that all of bars lie in the same plane. In addition we picked a light tars color for the bar assemblies and added security panels to the two bar assemblies for the front windows in my granddaughter's bedroom and playroom.

Because of my granddaughter's fears. Don Best. the owner of Barnett Aldon Ironworks. moved our order up in his work queue which meant that after the window bar assembly measurements were completed and checked, the twelve assemblies were manufactured and installed in about one week. Finally, on the evening of the day when the assemblies were installed, my granddaughter happily climbed into her top bunk bed and slept peacefully through the night by herself. Mission accomplished.

- Jerry Sprung

Real Professionals and Craft men

We needed a security door for our back double door and called Don at Barnett Aldon for a price. The price was competitive so we ask if it could be done in a short time before we went on a trip. The door was installed very professionally on time and we are very happy with the whole experience. It is great to find real professionals and craftmen to do a job. Thanks

- Scott Brown

Very Professional Services

Thank you for your professionalism, both today and years ago: I had security windows installed years ago by your company, and desired some "elective, after-sale" advice and service today. I promptly received both. Incidentally, your advice of years ago proved correct (for me): darker painted iron seems to "get lost" as one is looking out. I really enjoy views, and this advice is appreciated daily.