Security Doors

Security Doors

Security Doors

Your front door is one of the first things people notice about your home. Having a customized Security Storm Door or Security Screen Door can add a touch of style while helping to keep out unwanted visitors.

Standard Features of all Security Screen Doors and Security Storm Doors

  • 7” forged hinges—These heavy-duty hinges have brass bushings to carry the weight and pins that are hammered at the ends, making it impossible to remove them.
  • Double rubber sweep on bottom to prevent rodents or insects from entering the home.
  • Knob or lever door handles in one of four finishes:
    • Polished Brass
    • Antique Brass
    • Brushed Aluminum
    • Oil-rubbed Bronze
  • Heavy-duty steel lock boxes fit flush against the main door frame with steel strike cover to prevent tampering of the lock system.
  • 2” master door frame with mitered corners for enhanced strength and a smooth, attractive finish.
  • All pickets are welded on all four sides for maximum security.

Options for Security Screen Doors and Security Storm Doors

  • Slim-line lock—If you want a Security Screen Door or Security Storm Door without a middle panel, we will use a slim-line lock so that the lock box doesn’t intrude on the design. Slim-line locks come with a lever handle in any of the standard finishes.
  • Mail slot
  • Pet doors

What is the difference between Security Storm Doors and Security Screen Doors?

We get this question a lot from people looking to buy their first Security Door. There are two main differences:

  1. Storm Doors are meant to better protect from inclement weather. The seals on a Storm Door are weather-tight, which cannot be said of Screen Doors, and Storm Doors have full glass and an interchangeable top screen. This is nice for adding insulation and light in winter while still maintaining security. In the warmer months, you can change out the top glass panel for a screen to allow for a cross breeze without compromising security.
  2. A Storm Door is mounted inside the door jamb using Z-Bar. A Screen Door is mounted on the face of the door jamb.

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